Why let us edit your podcast?

  • Clean up your voice

  • Balance & Level Volume

  • Remove extra noise

  • Remove excessive silence

  • Add music, advertisements, and original content

Good editing will enhance the listenability of your podcast. We'd like to help. 

Why add custom theme music?

  • Stir emotion, evoke memory recall, and affect mood

  • Enhance a narrative or story

  • Avoid paying royalties

  • Fair use only allows use for criticism or comment. Custom theme music is yours.

Music can add a new depth to your podcast. Contact us for more info today!

You have a great podcast, but editing can be time consuming. You want to spend your time recording your ideas rather than editing them. Podcast P.S. edits your audio for you − so you don't have to.

Why does your podcast need theme music? It identifies your podcast and smooths transitions. It makes the experience all that much more valuable for your listeners. What's more, it can provide your listeners cues to how they will feel about your content! Podcast P.S. writes music specifically for your podcast. You'll have your own jingle, your own sound, and your own identity.

Learn more about our services, and contact us today to get started!

Email us!  info@podcastps.com

Sample Theme Music is just a click away.

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